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Former San Antonio police officer James Brennand, 28, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault for shooting and injuring teenager Erik Cantu in a McDonald’s parking lot.

A school bus in suburban New York crashed into two parked cars and a house on Thursday. Seven children were injured in the crash that occurred in New Hempstead.

A Delaware wrong-way collision killed four people on Interstate 495 late at night on Wednesday. A Maryland man and a Philadelphia woman collided.

Members of the United Auto Workers union voted Thursday to replace a large number of their current leaders with “reform-minded” candidates amid concerns of bribery and embezzlement.

Rev. David Rosenberg of DeWitt, MI, was arraigned Thursday on charges that he stole about $830,000 from three retired priests to fund his own foundation.

Immigrant rights groups are suing Florida officials over the state’s migrant relocation program. Florida’s governor set up flights to Martha’s Vineyard for 49 illegal migrants.

A Florida man who stabbed a police officer in the face at a gas station was shot and killed Thursday morning. The man was being arrested on a trespassing charge but began to resist.

Vermont’s Gov. Phil Scott announced COVID-19 relief projects are underway across the state. The governor views the pandemic aid money as an oppertunity.

An elderly Alabama woman was arrested Sunday for not paying a $77.80 trash bill. The woman was charged with a misdemeanor offense of “failure to pay solid waste fees.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city is in need of a new rat czar. The position’s official job title is “director of rodent mitigation.”

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