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President Joe Biden increased U.S. military deployments across Europe on Wednesday, sending assets to the U.K., Germany, Romania, Poland and Italy.

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The mysterious lights seen floating over San Diego on Monday night have a natural origin, the U.S. Coast Guard said. The lights baffled people on social media who suspected they could be of alien origins.

Kaitlin Armstrong has been on the lam for six weeks in connection with the shooting murder of top professional cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson in Austin, Texas, police have said.

The jury selection process to oversee the sentencing hearing for Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz has concluded.

Al-Ashraf Khalil, 28, was taken into custody and charged with causing the fire that resulted in the death of Philadelphia firefighter Lt. Sean Williamson, 51.

Police are investigating after an all-out brawl broke out on a dance floor on the Carnival Magic cruise ship as it was heading back to New York City early Tuesday.

A U.S. citizen was among those who reportedly survived being in a truck in San Antonio with other migrants, as more than 51 of them died in the Texas heat.

A Tennessee man accused of shooting and wounding a police officer Monday has a long criminal history dating back to 2005, according to a THP report.

Mysterious lights in the sky over San Diego, California prompted speculation and conjecture from social media users as people sought explanations.

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