Mark Stephen Mechikoff, the man accused of recording a gruesome murder and then posting the video on his Facebook page, claimed his confession was AI-generated.

Beverly Hills Police confirmed a Tesla Cybertruck was involved in a crash Sunday night in Los Angeles, which left the vehicle lodged underneath the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel sign.

U.S. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez’s argument regarding the search warrants involved in his case being “unconstitutional”—while investigators cited charges of corruption and discovered gold bars and cash at his New Jersey home—was dismissed by a federal judge on Monday.

As a result of Google’s acknowledged racial and historical bias programmed within its artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Nicholas Lenius, 32, of Ramsey, Minnesota, did not know either of the two people he killed at a Super 8 hotel in Cloquet, according to police.

The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., released video of a trio of thieves walking into a Moncler store and stealing over $36K worth of merchandise.

One of the teens that was ejected from a boat that crashed in St. Petersburg on Sunday night has died from his injuries, according Fox 13.

During U2’s last performance this past weekend at the Sphere Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bono took a minute to “honor women” for women’s history month, which is the whole month of March.

A Philadelphia teenage boy was shot and killed at a bus stop Monday and four other people were wounded, authorities said at the chaotic scene.

Nearly a dozen illegal immigrants were injured over the weekend after falling from a border wall that separates California and Mexico.

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