James Biden, President Joe Biden’s brother, took to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to speak in a private interview. As part of their investigation into President Joe Biden’s impeachment, House Republicans questioned him about his prior financial activities.

The Labor Department has accused Fayette Janitorial Service LLC of illegally employing children to clean dangerous equipment at meat processing plants.

Police in Texas said that a 69-year-old man stabbed another man in the buttocks at a LA Fitness gym in Austin over an alleged dispute over gym equipment.

Police in West Virginia are reportedly investigating a traffic stop during which state Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston was not cited after being pulled over for erratic driving.

Three members of a South American criminal gang were arrested in Arizona last week for allegedly burglarizing high-end homes, authorities said.

The trial for Alec Baldwin’s film Rust, which will highlight how the movie’s cinematographer was fatally shot in 2021, has begun the jury selection process.

Free press advocates hold their breath as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing concludes.

Maricopa County AG Rachel Mitchell says she will not extradite a suspect who is wanted in New York City for slaying a sex worker because she does not trust Bragg to prosecute him

Jennifer Dulos, an 88-year-old Connecticut mother-of-five, testified Wednesday at her daughter Jennifer Dulos’ murder conspiracy trial asserting she would never abandon her children.

A woman suspected in multiple retail thefts in San Francisco was arrested last week while getting off of an airplane in Hawaii, authorities said.

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