An Illinois police department apologized after individuals found their recruitment advertisement, that was themed after the “Call of Duty” video games, offensive.

A cargo vessel struck by the Houthi rebels two weeks ago has sunk making it the first vessel lost since the onset of Israel’s war with Hamas.

Chad Frese, the lawyer who represented Mollie Tibbetts’ killer, said in a recent interview that there were “bizarre” parallels between Tibbetts’ case and the murder of Laken Riley.

Donald Trump has won the Republican caucuses in Missouri, taking home another victory.

The FBI is collecting debris found by Alaskan fisherman that may be from a crashed Chinese spy balloon.

Police in Arizona are asking for the public’s help locating what appears to be a man and a woman involved in an alleged assault and abduction at a gas station on Feb. 23, 2024.

The Blaze reporter Steve Baker has been arrested and charged due to his reporting of the January 6th event at the Capitol.

A man has been arrested on murder charges in connection with the death of a pregnant Amish woman in her Pennsylvania home on Monday, according to local reports.

The second death in two years has prompted U.S. Forest officials to indefinitely shut down Sequoia National Forest’s Miracle Hot Springs, according to a press statement.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that those recovering from COVID-19 no longer need to stay isolated for five days after symptoms end. 

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