The Texas man who allegedly shot and killed 23 people at an El Paso Walmart in 2019 pleaded guilty to 90 hate crime and firearm charges in federal court on Wednesday.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Texas seized around 2,200 rounds of ammunition at the Hidalgo International Bridge on Monday.

One person is dead after a Ford F-150 crashed into a local Florida business, leaving a massive hole, after illegally passing another car.

A New Mexico murder suspect who was released from jail pretrial allegedly cut off his ankle monitor after the state’s Supreme Court ordered him to be detained.

A New York career criminal was arraigned in a Brooklyn court on Wednesday for allegedly shooting and killing an off-duty NYPD officer on Saturday.

A Philadelphia police officer was shot during a traffic stop Wednesday and one of three suspects was being sought.

The state of Texas executed a man convicted of killing three teenagers in 1998 after the execution was up in the air because of a previous ruling.

A Tampa, Florida man was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly killing a 22-year-old pregnant mother who was found dead in the street with her toddler in the car nearby.

A Philadelphia police officer was shot and injured during a vehicle investigation, with two suspects being pursued by authorities following the attack.

Jessica Nesbitt, a woman accused of running a multistate prostitution ring from a brothel-like building in Chicago, has pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.

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