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Vermont dispensaries will be able to begin selling recreational marijuana this weekend, although only three dispensaries in the state are ready to do so.

A California suction-dredge gold miner received 42 violations and was fined $150,000 for working in an Idaho river, which housed federally protected salmon.

Washington biologists were permitted to kill two members of the Leadpoint wolf pack. Earlier, authorities found that the pack had killed three cattle livestock.

A gun-rights group has filed a lawsuit against Connecticut for a ban on specific semiautomatic firearms, which was enacted in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

An Iowa woman was arrested after her 9-month-old son drowned in a bathtub. Investigators say the mother left her child in a seat without a safety belt in a tub on June 16.

Hurricane Ian made a landfall south of Georgetown, South Carolina as a Category 1 storm Friday afternoon. The town is about 60 miles northeast of Charleston.

A man in Alaska coincidently avoided a landslide that had destroyed his home when he left to pick up an extra shift at work. He luckily missed the disaster by an hour and a half.

A Wisconsin man who was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha has filed a secret petition to change his name because of what he now says was continued harassment.

Two Los Angeles gang members have been arrested and charged in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy last year as he was sitting in an SUV.

Hurricane Ian has reached South Carolina, where it has caused the end of the Pawleys Island pier to collapse under harsh waves. The hurricane continues to move through the state.

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