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Iran has reportedly launched dozens of drones towards Israel.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has threatened to take legal action against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after being denied secret service protection for the fifth time.

Six people have died and multiple others are in critical condition after a stabbing attack at a mall in Sydney, Australia.

Space X CEO Elon Musk and Argentinian President Javier Milei have met in Texas and spoke about working together to promote free markets and potential lithium projects. 

Denver intends to defund its police force and fire department in order to better support those illegally entering the U.S. through a program that provides a monthly debit card based on family size, free housing, “access to language instruction, career pathway explorations, industry-recognized credential training, and work-based learning opportunities.” 

After an audit revealed that California spent $24 billion over a 5-year period in an attempt to address homelessness, but neglected to regularly monitor whether the enormous outlay of public funds resulted in any real progress toward the escalating issue, California GOP officials are demanding better accountability.

An Afghan national who is on the U.S. terror watchlist was put back in custody Friday, according to the Department of Homeland Security, after he was captured at the U.S.-Mexico border and released twice into U.S. territory. 

Federal Election Commission records obtained by the New York Post reveal that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) used campaign funds to pay for President Biden’s more than $1.5 million in legal expenses during the probe into his mishandling of classified documents.

GOP lawmakers have unveiled evidence that the Biden administration knew about the 2022 infant formula shortage months before it took action to address the crisis.

A CNN contributor has landed herself in hot water after saying on Thursday that OJ Simpson “represented something for the black community… particularly because there were two White people who had been killed.”

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