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A Watchman's Journal with Diana Larkin Sunday 6-7 AM

Diana began her adventure of walking with the Lord 48 years ago, and there has never been a dull moment since then! Diana is a wife, mom to 3 daughters, and Grammy to 10 beautiful grandchildren! Every morning Diana asks the Father what is on His heart, journals what she hears, and shares His words for encouragement and to inspire prayer. Diana posts to six social media sites, a blog, and posts videos and interviews on YouTube and Rumble. Diana serves as a co-Host on the show A Window Into the Supernatural for His Glory TV.

Rumble: @JournalDiana11 or Diana Larkin

Twitter: @JournalDiana11

TruthSocial: @awatchmansjournal, Diana Larkin

Telegram: @awatchman'sjournal, Diana Larkin

Gab: @Journal

Instagram: Diana.whatalark

Facebook: Diana Blackburn Larkin

Messenger: Diana Larkin - A Watchman's Journal

Program "A Watchman's Journal" on His Glory TV {HisGlory.me} Saturday at 2pm ET, replays available in the archives.

Co-host of "A Window into the Supernatural" on His Glory TV.

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