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Cut the C.R.A.P.


It’s about time for everybody to “Cut The Crap” says show host Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.







To most, it seems the world is out of control and what was once right is now wrong and what was once up is now down.  How do we fight back?  The first step is calling it like it really is and being diligent enough to get people, politicians, lawmakers, and the elite to Cut The Crap!

The best way to cut through the Culture, Race, and American Political (C.R.A.P.) clutter is to arm yourself with the facts, the truth, and the effective rebuttals to push back on the politicians, snap snowflakes out of their stupor, and convince those who would call you a conspiracy theorist, that the world is rapidly headed to hell in a handbasket if we all don’t “Cut The Crap”.


Cut The Crap focuses on helping you understand the dark forces who are trying to destroy America while at the same time making you the smartest Patriot in the room.  It all begins with Jovan helping you through your much-needed mental enema and moving out of the mass media-induced mental illness and making room for good old American values which are the only prescription for saving this great nation of ours and taking back our liberties and freedom.


Jovan Hutton

Join Jovan and learn how to tell people, politicians, and the system to “Cut The Crap”

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