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Get Right - with Mattea Miller - Sunday at 8pm

"Get Right with Mattea Miller" is the newest rollercoaster of talk radio, hosted by Mattea Miller. Picture this: spicy debates, controversial topics, and questioning out loud what most people only whisper about. In a world where they try to hush us, Mattea's all about not shutting up until we're heard loud and clear.

But here's the twist - it's not just a show; it's a movement. Mattea is on a mission to convince you to "get right." Here's the question: Is conservatism the new culture shock? For Mattea, it's not just political; it's about fighting for currently controversial truth and values; for her, grounded in her faith as a Christian. It’s time to step on the eggshells and say what needs to be said to get it right this time. She's bringing the fire.

And let's be real, this isn't all old-school conservatism. It's not just for older generations anymore. Mattea is here to prove that it's time for young people to take over the narrative because they’ve got some things to say. The show's not just about politics; it's a dynamic space for lively discussions and challenging the norm. It's about diving into conversations about pop culture, the experiences of young professionals, and the core values that resonate with us. Tune in for an unfiltered, empowering ride that shouts from the rooftops that conservatism isn't a thing of the past— it's a vibrant and relevant movement, all anchored in values that matter. Join the conversation with "Get Right with Mattea Miller."

About Mattea Miller

Mattea Miller is a passionate young professional in conservative activism and politics, currently pursuing a double major in Communication with a Press Politics Certificate and Political Science at Missouri State University. Passionate about nurturing young conservatives, Mattea serves as President of the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter and a senator with the Student Government Association at MSU. In her role, she not only conducts weekly meetings and hosts speaker events but actively supports the establishment of new conservative organizations on campus, fueling her dedication to cultivating the next generation of conservative leaders. Beyond campus, Mattea serves as the Social Media and Outreach Director for Shane Schoeller's Secretary of State campaign in Missouri, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping the youth campaign. Her responsibilities include strategically managing social media content, leading youth campaign initiatives, and coordinating local events. As a testament to her leadership, she was selected to lead the youth campaign, organizing student volunteers and onboarding students from across the state. This reflects Mattea's commitment to mobilizing and empowering young individuals to actively participate in the political process. As a top graduate of Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School and her following internship with the same organization in Washington D.C., Mattea’s wheelhouse is inspiring her generation to be catalysts for political revolution. Through her multifaceted engagement, Mattea Miller hopes to continue advocating for young conservatives, sparking cultural conversations with young voters, political discourse through radio, and the resurgence of conservatism in America.

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