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Hot Mic with DeAnna Lorraine

Ms. DeAnna Lorraine is a Conservative political firebrand and recent Republican, "anti-establishment" Congressional Candidate who just completed her widely watched run against political Goliath Nancy Pelosi in California's 12th Congressional District (San Francisco). She is also a popular YouTube Host, Political and Culture commentator, Author, and Host of her podcast and Internet show "Taking Back America with DeAnna Lorraine." She is known for talking boldly about the destructive impacts of Liberalism and Feminism and how they're destroying our relationships, the family - and our country on the whole. DeAnna makes frequent media appearances (Newsmax, CNN, FOX, OANN, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, etc), and has given riveting speeches at the Walkaway March, the American Priority Conference, the Eagle's Council, the #DemandFreeSpeech Rallies, and many other major Conservative events.

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