The Hower Hour with Pastor Steve Hower

Sunday 6-7 PM

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The Hower Hour

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The Hower Hour with Pastor Steve Hower

Sundays 9 AM & 6 PM

Stephen will be tackling some of the most confusing and controversial issues affecting Faith, Family and Country every Sunday evening from 6pm to 7pm on Real Talk 93.3. You won’t want to miss this hour-long discussion of current topics, political correctness run amuck, and the divisive issues of our time. Stephen is not afraid to express opinions based on the authority of Self-Evident Truth, Common Sense, and the timeless Wisdom of Scripture upon which our nation was founded.

Stephen is a conservative ordained pastor who has spent his life challenging the status quo and speaking out across the country on issues that matter.  He has served as:

  • Executive Director of the nation-wide Growing Church Conference
  • A founder and board member of the National Pastoral Leadership Institute
  • Seminary Resource Counselor for his denomination
  • The L.C.M.S national Board of Missions
  • the L.C.M.S. Church Foundation
  • As the lead pastor of congregations in Michigan, Texas and most recently one of the largest and fastest churches in West County, St. Louis, Missouri
  • He is the author of five published books, including his most recent best-selling work, “Man In The Middle – Discerning Right And Wrong In A Culture That’s Lost Its Way.”

In addition to his published books, Stephen’s writings have been widely circulated by various Christian organizations.  More information can be found on his website at:

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