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  On The Real, with Peggy Hubbard (Monday - Friday from 2PM-4PM)

Peggy Hubbard, of Real Talk 93.3FM (The Real Talk Radio Network), will give you the break down of daily news and events that impact our lives; on her daily show 'On The Real, With Peggy Hubbard'

Peggy will give you a fresh spin on today's events that shape our lives. From local news events to the crazy action going on in Washington DC. Peggy will make you think, make you laugh, make you angry. And that's ok.

No subject will be off the table in Peggy's space. She'll bring truth and hard-hitting facts about our politics, our economy, our 2nd Amendment Rights, Parental Rights, Abortion, Race Relations. Topics that other radio pundits are afraid speak on, our Peggy will!

Other radio talk shows promise to bring the truth, but their version of the truth is a watered-down variety of political talking points. You won’t get that with Peggy Hubbard, she will tell it like it is!

No one will be safe, when Peggy Hubbard has you in her line of sight. She will call out, both sides of the aisle!

It's time for OUR voices to be heard, and Peggy Hubbard IS listening. You can listen to this remarkable, American Patriot weekdays from 2pm - 4pm on Real Talk 93.3FM St. Louis, MO.

You can also participate with Peggy’s Show On The Real, by downloading the App “Real Talk 93.3” (Ellis Broadcasting & Media LLC) and look for our eagle logo in your Apple or Google Store, or call in to the station at 636-224-6300 or 636-224-6330.

Peggy Hubbard is the Left’s worst nightmare. Peggy is a Navy veteran, a former police officer, a former IRS Analyst, a Harley Davidson enthusiast, and a proud Conservative who boldly speaks the truth.

Peggy was born in St. Louis, and grew up in north city’s Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood. She attended St. Louis Public schools, and graduated from Soldan High school in 1982. Peggy, with her seven siblings, were raised by a single mother who escaped their abusive alcoholic father. Her mother moved to her parents home, where they were raised with the help of Peggy’s grandparents.

Hard work and family values were the centerpiece of her childhood. In 1984, Peggy dropped out of college to pursue her calling to serve her country. She enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and served on numerous vessels, Her travels took her to places she only read about. She attended boot camp at the Naval Air Station (NAS)

In Orlando FL. After completing A-School training, Peggy embarked on her lengthy career on board Naval vessels. USS Samuel Gompers, USS Yosemite, NAS Alameda, NAS Vallejo, NAS Mare Island, and Naval Reserves Mayport, Fl, Chattanooga, TN, St. Louis, MO.

Peggy’s entrance into the political scene, was in 2015 when the Ferguson riots gripped the nation. Peggy took to social media and spoke out against Black Lives Matter, when 9 yr old Jamela Bolden was gunned down while doing her homework on her mothers bed. Peggy took Black Lives Matter to task, for ignoring an innocent life was snuffed out. Peggy’s anger, and hurt resonated with everyone across America.

Peggy's run for U.S. Senate for Illinois was unsuccessful, however that isn’t stopping our American Patriot Peggy Hubbard. Her life long battle for truth, justice, and a mission to bring a hopeful future to those who need a voice and a person who will stand on truth. Peggy Hubbard, takes pride in being called an American Patriot. She may not be in Washington DC, but Peggy has proven that you need not be an elected official to be the voice of the people. Her strong presence on social media more than proves that fact. Peggy resides in Belleville, IL and is married for 33 yrs to Charles Hubbard, Sr. together they raised six children and are grandparents to twenty-three.

Peggy was born a fighter, and she remains one to this day.

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