Our Constitution – The Real Intent with Steve Belko

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Our Constitution - The Real Intent

Our Constitution – The Real Intent

Just about every conflict, contest, and crisis consuming our country – whether it be political, social, or
economic in nature – is, at its core, a constitutional consideration. We constantly hear politicians, pundits,
prognosticators, and people of all walks of life talk about the Constitution – but how many really know our
Constitution, much less understand its development and interpretation over the course of our nation’s history?
Join Dr. Steve Belko – a former professor of U. S. constitutional history – as he explores current events and hot-
button issues through the lens of our country’s unique, often contentious and controversial, constitutional
history. If you desire more insight into how our constitutional framework operates and evolves, and what it
means to Americans since its adoption, this is the perfect radio show for you. If you are interested in hearing
in-depth analysis, lively debate, and stimulating commentary covering current events as they impact our
country’s constitutional history and development, then join Dr. Belko every Sunday at 2 PM on Our Constitution –
The Real Intent on the Real Talk Radio Network.

Dr. Steve Belko was Associate Professor of History, Director of the graduate program in Early American
Studies, and Director of the graduate certificate program in Historic Preservation at the University of West
Florida. He taught courses on Jacksonian America (1815-1850), the Early Republic (1763-1815), the American
Revolution (1763-1783), U. S. Constitutional History, the Southern Frontier (1660-1860), the Scottish
Enlightenment (1690-1830), Rebellions in American History, and Historic and Heritage Preservation. Belko
has published several monographs: Contesting the Constitution: Congress Debates the Missouri Crisis, 1819-
1821 (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2021), Philip Pendleton Barbour in Jacksonian America: An
Old Republican in King Andrew’s Court (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2016), The Triumph of the
Antebellum Free Trade Movement (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2012), America’s Hundred Years’
War: U. S. Expansion to the Gulf Coast and the Fate of the Seminole, 1763-1858 (Gainesville: University Press
of Florida, 2011), and The Invincible Duff Green: Whig of the West (Columbia: University of Missouri Press,
2006). He has also published numerous award-winning articles on various subjects of early 19 th century
American history. Belko received his Ph.D. in history from Mississippi State University, a Master of Arts
degree in history from Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University), and a Bachelor of
Arts degree, with a double major in history and political science, from Drury College (now Drury University).
He currently serves as the pastor of the Hawk Point Community Church (Disciples of Christ) in Hawk Point,

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