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Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute and Friends

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Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute and Friends -

 (Monday & Wednesday 9AM-11AM)

As Dr. Eric Nepute was growing up in the small town of Carlinville, Illinois, little did he know how the town’s passion for football would shape his future. Dr. Eric was a natural athlete and football was king. He excelled at it, playing as an all-star for his high school team and eventually earning a football scholarship to Millikin University. Football wasn’t his dream though; from childhood, Dr. Eric had dreamed of being a top surgeon. Until a shoulder injury led to a revelation.

When you don’t know your options, you take your injury to a traditional doctor, and that’s what Dr. Eric did with his injured shoulder. Dr. Eric was told, “We’re sorry, but you can never play football again, and you’ll probably never have full motion of the shoulder.” Dr. Eric met a chiropractor who looked at his shoulder and told him, “We can fix this.” Once the chiropractor was able to put the shoulder into a state where it could heal itself, it became obvious that seeking answers only from traditional medicine was not the only way.

Dr. Eric’s path was changed by that shoulder injury, he knew he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. He committed himself to a career in Chiropractic Wellness Care and would go on to graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic with advanced studies in sports medicine, advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, internal health, and anti-aging.

It is now Dr. Eric’s mission to empower people to no longer be a victim of their health or circumstances and instead learn how their body works and how to achieve a state of total wellness.

Dr. Eric has become a sought after speaker in the health and wellness community, speaking on topics ranging from stress management to how to live a pain free life.  His unique ability to simplify complex health issues has brought Dr. Eric to the top of his field, not only as a clinician but also as an expert speaker.

Dr. Mollie James DO, MPH, FACOS FACS, IFMCP (Thursday & Friday 9AM-11AM)

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Master of Public Health
Fellow, American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
Fellow, American College of Surgeons,
Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Physician

Dr. Mollie James is board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine. She trained at Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines and the University of Minnesota. After practicing for five years, she realized she needed additional tools to help her patients. Functional medicine was the answer. She combined functional medicine into her surgery practice for patients with GI issues presenting for endoscopy and it had immediate benefit to patients. By using interventions such as elimination diets and gut-healing protocols, patients would often say they felt the best they ever had.

She has been bringing functional medicine concepts into the ICU as well. One example is the important link between Vitamin D levels and COVID outcomes.

In 2016 she launched rebalance Functional Medicine in Des Moines, Iowa. They focused on gut health and hormone evaluation. Now she launches The James Clinic to best fulfill the unmet needs of patients, which became even more obvious during 2020. Convenient, accessible care and a direct physician-patient relationship without conflicts of interest is what most of us are looking for.

Dr. James has now become an activist for medical freedom, patients' right to choose, and physicians' right to practice medicine unencumbered.

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