Shield Maidens of Missouri

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Shield Maidens of Missouri - Saturday 12:00 pm

Stacy Shore. has been engaged in grassroots activism in her local community at Lake of the Ozarks for over 15 years. A real estate agent for 28 years, property rights are her foremost priority.   Stacy fought FERC in her community when that federal agency came in with an order to remove over 1500 homes from the shoreline of the lake.  Educating her community, and engaging senators at the federal level, Shore led the charge in fighting the federal government to remove homes from the shores of Lake of the Ozarks and redact their order.

In 2012 Shore traveled as a grassroots activist to over 150 Missouri towns to educate people on what was going on in our schools with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, dumbing down our children and bowing to the federal government.  As a result, Shore and many moms across Missouri helped lead passage of one of the only "Kill Common Core Bills" to pass in the country.  As a result of the bill HB 1490 (Kill Common Core Bill) Shore was seated on a work group to help Missouri re-write the standards for the state.  This is where she got her eyes opened wide to the things happening at Department of Elementary and Secondary of Education in Missouri and the deals made among legislators to undermine the will of the people.

Stacy is proud to have been a part of helping conservative candidates win local elections in her community on the school board, commissioners, library board, prosecutor's office, central committee, and the re appointment of the Health Board.  Additionally, being part of one of  very few communities during Covid that was fully open during the "pandemic".  She is proud to be part of a community that thrived during those months that put her community on the map nationally for their rejection of the heavy boot of the government on the neck of private individuals.  Currently, Shore is the chairman of the re-write of the Planning and Zoning Code in her county to ensure property rights are held as a priority in this ever changing regulatory climate imposed on so many areas of our state.

Married for 29 years to Jeff and being the mom to Sophia, Bo, and Bear are her most proud accomplishments.  Her faith and family  fuel her desire to pursue freedom and fight for what it means to be a Missourian and an American.

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