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SonRise with Jeanne Vogt

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SonRise with Jeanne Vogt - As a lifelong resident of the St. Louis Metro area, Jeanne Vogt has served the community in many different avenues but always with the same thread. Providing leadership, encouragement, and inspiring others is just part of Jeanne’s DNA whether preaching a message, selling real estate, or building a building. It is with great pleasure that Jeanne now has the opportunity to reach the masses through SonRise w/ Jeanne Vogt Monday – Friday mornings 5-6 AM. Join her each day where inspiration meets expectation.

As a long time community leader in the St. Charles, Missouri Region, Jeanne Vogt displays this leadership in a wide range of avenues. Jeanne is the owner of a commercial construction company, a Real Estate Broker and a Minister at Give it to God Ministries located in St. Peters, MO.

Her passion for building things parallels her passion for building people. Through Women’s Ministry, Prison Ministry, and a consistent schedule of teaching and Public Speaking, Jeanne has brought hope growth to an array of audiences, fulfilling the call she believes is on her life: to Equip & Build.

If time can quantify qualifications, Jeanne has certainly qualified to speak to the masses. Her involvement of over 2 decades each of construction and real estate has set her up nicely to simultaneously run a full-time ministry with the comprehensive people skills she has developed over that time.

Being a radio show host is a natural addition to the series of footprints Jeanne places on this earth. She uses her experiences and gifts to bring a high level of inspiration to her audience and interview guests to highlight their story and involvement in the community to deliver a well-rounded package to her listeners from every program.

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