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The Jewess Patriot Show with Cindy Grosz

Cindy Grosz is the Founder and Chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She unsuccessfully ran as the first Modern Orthodox Jewish woman for congress in 2020.

During the Trump administration, she was a Jewish Advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

Cindy hosts the popular Cindy's Celebrity Corner and Cindy’s Political Corner and has hosted on WOR710AM.  She has been featured on One America News Network, Real America’s Voice WABC770 Radio and on radio shows nationally on a regular basis.

For years, she has been backstage, front row and on the red carpet sharing exclusive interviews.

Grosz started her career as a successful public relations and marketing specialist.  She was featured as a “under 30 person to watch” by public relations and advertising specialists.

Her columns appear regularly in the Times of Israel, Israel National News, Reactionary Times, BizPac Review and other outlets.  She writes on a range of topics that are newsworthy and trendy.

A former teacher, she has been a voice for minority students in failing public schools.  In 2016, she helped write legislation on curriculum oversight.  She is the author of “Rubber Room Romance.”

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