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Far away in the land of Oz, a small pup named Toto noticed a shadow behind a curtain. Although everyone was distracted by the lies on the Big Screen by the Wizard of Oz, he saw the truth behind a curtain and pulled back the curtain to show the truth. In that same spirit, Professor Toto (Pastor Shane Vaughn) has become an influencer and voice in the Patriot community for his clear insights and unique teaching ability. With simplicity, he restores to our movement the founding principles of our great Republic, the purpose for which we are all fighting. He is the author of 23 published books including two children's books for young Patriots. Prepare to understand the great experiment called America in ways that perhaps you never have. Welcome to THE CONSERVATIVE COLLEGE where we restore the republic, one educated Patriot, at a time.

I began full-time ministry as an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ at the young age of 16 years old. Recently celebrating 30 years of full-time ministry I came to desire to learn more about the great gift given to me at my birth, American citizenship. As a natural-born citizen of this great Republic, like so many others, I took this privilege for granted. However, the more I began to study our founding principles and doctrines and documents, I became immersed in understanding this great experiment called the Republic, for which we stand. 

During the 2020 Presidential election season, as Donald John Trump was fighting the darkness of the liberal left of America’s swampland in Washington, Dc I became immersed in that process.  Immediately after the November election, we had a contested election, a rare American occurrence. I was surprised at how quickly our citizens accepted the outcome of that election. As fate would have it, I turned on my LIVE video on Facebook and spent 7 minutes educating America on “What Happens If Donald Trump Does Not Concede.” So few understand that our Presidential elections are technically not decided by our individual votes but rather by the House of Representatives in the US Congress. And that decision is not rendered officially until January 6th. The Video Went Viral Overnight !!!

Over 10 Million views in a matter of days via Social Media as well as Youtube. It was from this pivotal moment that news organizations began to write about me and my interpretation of the Constitution, all of which came to fruition as we taught in that video, the election was officially decided on January 6th. During this time, I found myself pulling back the curtains on the US process of government and I found this comparable to the small puppy in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, his name was Toto. He saw the shadows behind the curtain and his actions would reveal the lies of the smokescreen being presented by the fake Wizard. From this concept, I began referring to my political persona as Professor Toto and the rest has become successful history. 


Professor Toto has founded the much-acclaimed alternative shopping site for Patriots, called The Patriots Buying Club, He has also published two children’s books for young Patriot training. He serves full time as the Pastor of First Harvest Church in Waveland, Ms and the Chancellor of Biblical Foundations Institute. 

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