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The Kevin Jackson Show

The Kevin Jackson Show comes from the mind of a man with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Math. Kevin uses his background in logic and reason to educates and amaze his audience
with his comedic insights and rapier wit. Justice Clarence Thomas said to Kevin Jackson while the two
were visiting, "Kevin, you are one of the best at synthesizing issues to their essence".

Kevin has been in radio for over a decade, and prides himself on producing one of the funniest,
cleverest, and most poignant radio shows in the country.

Kevin prides himself on providing insights to politics and pop culture that you won’t hear on any other

Kevin Jackson left his career as a management consultant to the world’s largest clients with the goal of
changing politics in America. Within a year of leaving his career, Kevin authored his first Amazon best-
selling book, a key achievement on his road to become a political pundit and cultural force.

First seen on Fox News’ The Glenn Beck Show, Kevin worked with Andrew Breitbart to advance the
ACORN story. Kevin appeared off and on Fox News until a few years later when Roger Ailes offered Kevin
a position as a Fox News Contributor. Ailes said of Kevin, “You are one of the brightest political minds in
America, and Fox News would like you to join the team.”

Kevin worked at Fox News for 3 years, appearing as a regular
on many Fox News shows, including Hannity, Megyn Kelly,
Fox & Friends, and The Tucker Carlson Show.

Kevin left Fox News towards the end of 2018, joining the
ranks of Conservative film producers like Dinesh D’Souza
creating an award-winning film Bleeding Blue.

Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical
Engineer and has additional degrees in Computer Science
and Math. Kevin is a Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics.

Kevin has been called “the valedictorian of the graduating class of political pundits”. He delivers his
opinions with humor, sarcasm, and wit in showcasing truth over lies.

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