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Something‘s not right. Things don‘t make sense. Deep down you know this yet you can‘t connect the dots. There are too many nonsensical parts, a barrage of contradictory information floating about. We know. We understand. The Mel K Show is here to help make sense of the senseless.

Mel K is a devoted lover of truth, facts, history, God, and America. After graduating with honors from NYU, she spent twenty years in media, film, and investigative journalism in Hollywood before moving back to NYC to focus full time on exposing the truth, uncovering hidden history, and starting her podcast The Mel K Show to inform the public of the embedded forces geopolitically and within America that are hell-bent on a long-planned One World Government where life liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be replaced with surveillance, compliance, conformity, and control. Always armed with the brilliant gift of the United States Constitution, a copy of the Bill of Rights, and a Bible, Mel K fears no evil as she is confident God Wins. She currently resides in Manhattan where she’s chronicling the controlled demolition of the once greatest city in the world, the dystopia formerly known as New York City for her upcoming book on the matter.

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