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The Right Side with Doug Billings

Doug Billings started his show, The Right Side with Doug Billings TM  in January of 2021. Prior to
that, he spent 23 years in human resources and rose to the top of his field as a vice president of
HR in the health care industry. When Covid hit, Doug took a stand against the unnecessary and
dangerous mandates of isolation, masks and vaccines. When he refused to initiate policies that
would sequester family members from one another and prohibit routine, preventative care, he
was fired. After starting The Right Side with Doug Billings TM  in January of 2021, by November of
that year, 23 million people visited his YouTube channel.  Sensing his popular up-and-coming
conservative message, YouTube promptly cancelled his channel without warning.

Today, you can find Doug at the following places:
1. His website:
2. His audio podcasts are available on major podcast platforms.
3. His news service, "The Billings Report"
4. You can find ways to connect with him at
5. His social media preference is TruthSocial. On it, his handle is @DougBillings

Doug’s latest book, Re-Making the American Political System is available for purchase on his

In just over 2 years, Doug has become one of the most recognized and trusted voices of
Conservatism in America. He deals with truth, not false “hopium” and myths. He’s met with
President Trump, General Michael Flynn, Glenn Beck and they have compared him to Rush
Limbaugh. General Flynn has gone so far as to say, "Doug Billings is the next Rush Limbaugh"

TruthSocial: @DougBillings

CloutHub: @DougBillings

Instagram: @realDougBillings

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