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The Robb Carter Show

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The Robb Carter Show - Monday - Friday 9AM - 11AM

A St. Louis native, Robb has over 30 years of experience in Corporate America, primarily in the Shoe Industry. Spending years in the BRANDED world with Industry giants Clarks, Skechers and Cole-Haan, Robb developed a leadership approach that no longer fit within the corporate environment.

When Covid LOCKDOWNS shut Robb’s business, he began to speak out against masking, mandates, and small business destruction. Frustrated with government tyranny, Robb developed a podcast at the urging of his son. Quickly, The Robb Show Podcast grew until it was de-platformed on all social media sites.

In 2022, Robb turned back to his childhood love for radio!

If you want a fast-paced, unscripted, and unbiased perspective of today’s political wars, you’ll soon be addicted to the Robb Carter Show. With a sharp business acumen, Robb will show how BRANDING and PROPAGANDA is being used to change America.

Without a relentless press to hold POWER accountable, tyranny grows. When the STATE controls information, tyranny spreads. Manipulation of perception through powerful propaganda techniques will soon strip America of her freedoms and replace it with a system of compliance.

Join Robb as he exposes corruption within our media, corporate America, trusted institutions, DC and Jefferson City.

We The People must take control of our Government, now!

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