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The Zelenko Report is a hard-hitting news program delivering fast paced daily news followed
by guest interview segment(s). Programming is focused on the Zelenko Freedom Foundation
initiatives. Dr. Zelenko’s legacy includes spreading the truth like a mantra. His foundation’s
work around the Zelenko Fellows, Public Policy, Community Development and Technology
Incubators, will drive content for the news program. Guests include: Dr. Peter McCullough,
General Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Sean Stone, Mel K, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Stella Immanuel,
Mike Adams, Naomi Wolfe, Dr. Pete Chambers, Peter Navarro, Judy Mikovits, Clay Clark and

Ann Vandersteel and Kevin Jenkins, hosts of The Zelenko ReportTM and co-chairs of the
Zelenko Freedom Foundation, are thought leaders and trail blazer in the freedom movement
and "new media”. Dr. Zelenko believed that the truth needed to be everywhere. He was
especially concerned with putting truth back into media. Using open source material, subject
matter experts and research, The Zelenko Report covers complex subjects like COVID19, The
Global Reset, tax reform, geopolitics, the deep state, health, ordinary citizens doing
extraordinary things, and the ever-changing landscape of local and national politics making
The Zelenko Report a dependable go-to news program across a multitude of issues.

Ann Vandersteel, co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, has the honor of carrying
forward the mission and legacy of world renowned medical freedom fighter, humanitarian,
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko made famous for his Zelenko Protocol which has saved millions of lives
during the COVID pandemic. The silver lining of the pandemic has resulted in the merger of
the Patriot and Medical Freedom movements. Dr. Zelenko became the strong go to voice
resonating with God fearing freedom fighters everywhere. His legacy of pushing for Truth like
a mantra in everything, community development, educating our youth as Zelenko Fellows,
incubating technologies that have been suppressed by the medical industrial complex, and
shaping public policy to foster a healthier humanity, all with God restored at the center.

Kevin D. Jenkins, a public speaker and transformational executive with an impressive track
record is leading the charge at Urban Global Health Alliance as CEO/Founder and at Freedom
Travel Alliance as CMO/Founder. Today, Kevin D. Jenkins as the co-chair of the Zelenko
Freedom Foundation is once again championing the cause of shining light on the truth.
Continuing the life work of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Kevin is educating the world community on
medical practices and sectors of the medical community Dr. Zelenko endeavored to share with
those not having the opportunity and access to the facts.

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