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Tomorrow’s News Today with Joe Hoft & Kell Brazil

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This morning show covers hot topics in national, state and local news in the St Louis area. Much of what is shared is related to stories that the Big Media conglomerates will not cover or will cover but at a later date. We attempt to always be fair in our coverage and courageous in our reporting. But just as important, we have fun doing it. This show keeps listeners informed and feeling good as they begin their day.

Joe Hoft is the twin brother of Jim Hoft, the founder of The Gateway Pundit (TGP), and a contributing editor at TGP. TGP is one of the largest conservative media outlets in the US averaging millions of views per day. Joe began writing for TGP as a contributor in 2016. He and Jim were on the Trump train from the start. Joe predicted the Trump win in the primaries as well as his win in November 2016 using social media, rally attendance and other factors. Joe reported extensively on the Mueller sham, COVID, and today Joe is a recognized leader in the reporting of the 2020 Election steal. Joe was a corporate executive in Hong Kong for a decade and his work took him around the world. He presented at numerous Board or audit committee meetings around the world as well. At one point in his career, Joe oversaw the financial reporting for multimillion and billion-dollar entities. He has ten degrees or designations and is the author of three books.

Kell Brazil is a personal & professional development coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, and now on-air personality in the St. Louis area. She began her coaching career at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and later went on to attend and graduate from the Robbins-Madanes Center (a Tony Robbins academy). She has helped countless people work through varied struggles, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal and professional goals unique to each individual. 

She began a podcast in 2020 to support and inspire a broader base, but after witnessing the insanity of tyrannical governments around the world with lockdowns, mandates, election fraud, enforced injections, and an ever-increasing loss of freedom and liberty in our beloved land, she decided it was time to use her voice in a new way and as God so often does, provided the perfect opportunity to do so. She officially joined the station to co-host the morning drive show, “Tomorrow’s News Today with Joe Hoft” in August 2021. 

She lives in Southern St. Charles County with her youngest of three daughters and husband, Joe Brazil, an elected official to the St. Charles County Council. Together, they own several businesses and both work to maintain conservative principles and raise their daughter to love and serve God and our country with pride for what America stands for: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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