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Uncensored Truth in Medicine with Dr. Mollie James (Monday - Friday 9-10 AM)

You’ve been going to see Dr. Mollie James (DO, MPH, FACOS FACS, IFMCP) for your health and well-being for years, and now you can also listen to her on the Radio, to get the latest news on what’s trending or what’s next in the healthcare industry. Tune into the Real Talk Radio Network, 93.3 FM, 104.3 FM & 107.3 FM Monday - Friday from 9 am to 10 am. Learn more about the show, the host herself, and how you can participate below!

What’s on the Show

The Real Talk Radio Network 93.3 FM, 104.3 FM & 107.3 FM has added Uncensored Truth in Medicine with Dr. Mollie James to its weekly line-up. This informative, educational show, hosted by Dr. Mollie James, will have guest interviews, listener calls, real time interaction on the App and cover topics related to:

  • politics and medicine.

  • medical tips.

  • patient rights.

  • current events in medicine.

A Note from Mollie

“Doctors like me, have been on the front lines trying to get honest information out to patients. We are currently battling heavy censorship, which is often funded by big pharma,” said Dr. Mollie James, the Founder and Medical Director of The James Clinic. “Joining the Real Talk Radio Network, who is committed to speaking the truth, is a wonderful opportunity to expand our message.”

About Dr. Mollie James

Now that you know what’s on the show, it’s time to know more about the host! Before opening the James Clinic in 2021, Dr. Mollie James became board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine.

She trained at Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines and the University of Minnesota. After practicing for five years, she turned to functional medicine to help patients even more.

Today, she runs The James Clinic to facilitate convenient, accessible care and a better patient-physician relationship. She’s also an activist for:

  • medical freedom.

  • the patient’s right to choose.

  • the physician’s right to practice medicine unencumbered.

Call In or Email to Join the Show!

The show wouldn’t be the same without you, the listeners! Call in by messaging through the Real Talk 93.3 app or emailing Dr. James at DrJames@realtalk933.com. We look forward to hearing from you too and helping to answer your questions!

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