UNFILTERED with Pastor Jason Gaszak

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UNFILTERED with Pastor Jason Gaszak

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UNFILTERED'S purpose is : to bring awareness to all walks of life about social issues and hard to talk about topics; to be unfiltered in saying what needs to be said from a Pastor’s perspective; loving people no matter where they come from or how they vote but also being honest about the views, WE, as a church stand on.

Jason Gaszak is a pastor, teacher, and is passionate about taking as many people to heaven before he dies, period.  As Lead Pastor, Jason is excited about the vision God has given him for Roots! Since January 2015, our church has increased from a handful of people to a family of nearly 1,000 in weekend attendance. Pastor Jason’s prayer is that together we will catapult forward in unity to leave a lasting impact on every soul we come in contact with. Our hope for you, is that you embrace this God-given vision to be shaped into the kind of people God can use to transform a community, a city– and even the entire world– for Christ.

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