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Victorious Timeline Calling with Bill Barnes Sundays 3-4 PM

Victorious Timeline Calling

Show purpose:

To show how returning to the Bible and the Biblical Timeline can rescue individuals and our nation from moral rot and decay. Stem the tide of unbelief perpetrated through the public school system and secular universities and institutions.  Expose vain imaginations taught through the public school system and secular universities.  Show how the Bible matches today's reality.

Only one, human origin's account can be legitimate.  Any contrary story can only qualify as corrupt imagination.  Pervasive imaginations have been replacing Biblical truth for generations now.  WE MUST STAND IN THE GAP WITH THE MOST REASONABLE TIMELINE THAT GOD GAVE US!  There is also sweet simplicity to a Biblical timeline that can be tested and trusted!  A person doesn't have to be a scientist or an advanced Theologian to contend for recent history accounted for in the Bible.

About Bill Barnes:

Bill Barnes has worked as a material scientist for 15 years in the defense and aerospace industry, in developing and producing various aluminum and magnesium alloys which are cast, rolled, and extruded.  In 1995, Bill examined his belief in the "theory" of evolution, through investigating everything he had been taught about it since the third grade.  He compared the "theory" of evolution with the Biblical account of Creation and after 6 months of fervent research, Bill was totally won over to the Biblical account.  He has been in the Creation ministry since 1996, and strongly believes that this subject is foundational in contending for objective truths in our culture.

Which historical account of mankind is the most legitimate?  

Isaiah 1:18a “Come let us reason together saith the Lord…”

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