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The Weekly Roundup with Ben Brown: A recap of the weekly news, and a peek at the week ahead. A one-stop shop for the informed voter.

Ben Brown is a former professional mixed martial artist, restaurateur, political activist and candidate running for the Missouri State Senate. He is the owner of Satchmo’s Bar & Grill and rose to local prominence by actively opposing restrictions targeting small businesses, schools and houses of worship during the pandemic. As a small business owner, he saw first-hand how out-of-control government regulations can kill businesses and destroy our local economy, as well as the impact they have on our families and communities. As a result, he has become a leader in the fight against government overreach at various levels of government.

Ben believes that the primary role of government is to secure the rights of its people. He made the decision to run for office with an agenda that would center upon restoring government to its intended role, as well advancing the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets.

Prior to the pandemic, Ben actively promoted conservative values in our state while serving as Missouri’s National Committeeman for the Young Republican National Federation and as Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Central Committee. He currently resides in Washington, Missouri with his wife and three children.

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